Databases with Mobile Access

Performing research with your mobile or handheld device? The following is a list of databases that Carleton has access to which feature mobile sites or mobile applications that give you access for research on the go. Note that if you are not on campus or connected to Carleton’s wireless network you may experience access problems. If you are having trouble accessing a mobile database and can’t go to a campus WiFi location, you could try navigating to the library server login (from the library homepage) and then attempt to revisit the mobile site.


Mobile Website



American Institute of Physics


iResearch app for iPhone

Enables users to save PDF files locally to their device and view them offline without a Wifi or cellular connection.

Cambridge Journals Online

Yes (Auto detects)


To optimize performance, only the 50 most relevant results are displayed for CJOm searches.

EBSCOhost Mobile

Yes (Auto detects)

iPhone/iPod Touch app

App allows users to choose databases and limit to full-text and peer reviewed. Retrieve full-text in PDF and HTML format.

JSTOR Mobile Beta

Yes (Mobile URL)


About JSTOR Mobile

No full text available. Mobile searching only includes finding and emailing citations.

Lexis Nexis Academic

Yes (Mobile URL)

iPhone app “Get Cases & Shepardize

Users must have a current account with and a valid password to use the iPhone application.

Project Gutenberg

Yes (Mobile URL)

Full text eBooks available.


Yes (Mobile URL)

Two iPhone apps: PubMed on Tap & Mobile Abstracts

Both iPhone apps are not official NIH (National Institute of Health) apps.

Refworks Mobile

Yes (Mobile URL)


Need Carleton Group Code

Safari Books Online

Yes (Mobile URL)

Safari to Go iPhone app

Safari to Go app is available via iTunes store.

Taylor & Francis

Yes (Mobile URL)


Must sign up for access to the mobile site in order to obtain a “pairing code.”

Web of Knowledge

Yes (Mobile URL)


Mobile site has access to Web of Science, Derwent Innovations Index, MEDLINE, and Zoological Records Mobile Beta

Yes (Mobile URL)


Beta version is optimized for Android and iOS. Later releases will support a wider range of mobile devices.


3 thoughts on “Databases with Mobile Access

    • You don’t have to be on a campus, although scanning the QR code while on a campus will bring you directly to the mobile site. Otherwise you should sign in to your library (if you’re at Carleton you can sign in through the library homepage) and then attempt to access the mobile site. If you are not at Carleton, a few of these QR codes are designed to be accessed from Carleton’s proxy server, so you will have to access their mobile site either from your own library or obtain the URL directly from the database you are attempting to access. Thanks for reading!


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